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Visual Artists is an online portfolio network for video jockeys and visual artists. They are real visionaries from around the world!

Who we are and what we do is an online portfolio network for video jockeys and visual-art creators and developers. We deliver this tool to create a better understanding of the visual art culture. — Video Jockeys or video editing artists can make your event, store or party a more attractive experience by providing amazing live projection and installations. The audience will be more involved with your event or brand values by an instant atmosphere of live mixing or wonderful installations using videos and animations. — VJBookings provides this service for dedicated artists around the world to learn, experience and share technology with colleagues, fans and organizers. We try to achieve a great relationship with event organizers by connecting them with the best visual artists around the world.

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Although this website is still under maintenance, vj's & visual artists can preregister using the form below. — This service is 100% free, non-committal, without boundaries! — Each member account will have its own portfolio page with the possibility to embed video files, write presenting text, insert calendar data and of course a personal booking form... and many other features will be updated in the future!

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This website is still under maintenance. If you want to stay informed, subscribe by filling out the form above.
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